THE OLIVE BISTRO - Mediterranean Restaurant, Authentic French Crepes & Wine Bar
                            Appetizers and Tapas 

Morrocan Bruschetta            Moroccan Style Bruschetta     9.99
Grilled pitas topped with a chopped blend of tomatoes, artichoke  hearts,assorted olives and moroccan spices & finished with your choice of parmesan or goat Cheese
 *Add Wild Salmon, Grilled Chicken or Shrimp 3.00
Pita and Hummus                    8.99
Gourmet Cheese, assorted meat & olive platter
Gourmet cheese, meat & olive platter  12.99 
 Assorted cheeses, olives, and Italian salami & proscuitto  with a side of grilled pita and fruit, ideal with any wine and beer beverage.
Fresh Melon and Prosciutto     8.99
  Fresh honeydew melon topped with prosciutto, finished
  with a drizzle of honey and fresh basil
Soup of the Day
   Creamy tomato basil soup        cup 5.50 cup or 6.95 bowl 

                                            Savory Crêpes

Greek Chicken Crepe
All savory crepes are made with Mediterranean pesto and our house creamy sauce and served with a mixed green salad and grilled pita and hummus

Greek chicken crêpe with creamy white sauce 9.95
Prosciutto, brie cheese and fresh basil              9.95
Roasted turkey and pepper-jack crêpe             8.95
Black forest ham and swiss crêpe                      8.95
Grilled chicken & fresh avocado crêpe              10.95
Wild salmon and provolone cheese                   12.95
Proscuitto and garlic chicken with swiss           11.95
Club crêpe (black forest ham,turkey, proscuitto & swiss) 11.95
Smoked turkey and pepperjack cheese topped with avocado 10.95

                                    Vegetarian Crêpes
Artichoke heart and pepper-jack Cheese        10.95
Fire roasted red pepper and mozzarella          9.95
Vegetable amore crêpe (avocado, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers) 11.95
Avocado and extra sharp cheddar                   9.95
Grilled cheese crêpe with cheddar, swiss and provolone 8.95

Smoked Turkey panini

All paninis are made with a Mediterranean pesto, spring mix, cucumber and sweet peppers. They are served with a mixed green salad and Mediterranean pita and hummus.

Black forest ham and swiss                            8.99
Turkey, avocado and pepper-jack                10.99
Grilled chicken, avoco and cheddar             10.99        
Wild salmon, basil and provolone                 11.99
Prosciutto and garlic chicken                        11.99
Garlic herb chicken and provolone                9.99
Prosciutto and swiss                                      10.99
Bruschetta, ham and pepper-jack                 9.99
Prosciutto, brie and basil                               11.99
Italian salami, bruschetta and swiss              9.99
Club (black forest ham, smoked turkey,prosciutto and swiss) 11.99
Smoked turkey and pepper-jack cheese        9.99

                                      Vegetarian Paninis

Avocado and extra sharp cheddar                9.99
Tomato, basil and mozzarella                        9.99
Hummus and pepper-jack cheese                 9.99
Vegetable amore                                             11.99
(avocado, artichoke hearts,roasted red peppers and pepperjack cheese)

Balsamic artichoke hearts and provolone    10.99
Roasted red peppers, basil and mozzarella   9.99
Grilled cheese (provolone, swiss and cheddar)  8.99

                                         Dinner Entrees
Citrus Chipotle Chicken

All of our dinner entrees are served with organic brown
rice and  balsamic fresh house salad.
Grilled herb chicken topped with your choice of  tangy teriyaki sauce or citrus chipotle barbeque   13.99
Wild Alaskan salmon served with your choice of citrus chipotle barbeque or tangy teriyaki sauce   14.99
Tangy Teriyaki Alaskan Salmon

                                            Gourmet Salads

Chicken Caprese Salad
Our fresh salads consist of a base of fresh spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet assorted peppers and  served with house balsamic vinaigrette and grilled pita.

*Add grilled chicken, wild salmon or shrimp to any salad 3.00

Mediterranean Salad with feta cheese and green Sicilian olives  9.99
Caprese Salad with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese   9.99
Tuscan Salad    with Moroccan bruschetta and pepper-jack cheese   9.99
Roasted Artichoke Heart Salad  topped with parmigiano cheese  10.99
Seafood Salad  with wild Alaskan salmon, shrimp,fresh lemon & parmigiano cheese   12.99
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken   with creamy caesar dressing and topped with parmigiano cheese   11.99
Bistro Salad with Grilled chicken   topped with cranberries, pecans, feta cheese and raspberry walnut vinaigrette   12.99
                                                 Sweet Crêpes

Strawberry & Creme Crepe
Honey butter crêpe served with homemade whipped cream and fresh citrus  7.50
Sweet Cinnamon and Caramel crêpe served with vanilla bean ice cream  8.50
Strawberries and Cream crêpe served with homemade whipped cream            8.5o
Chocolate Nutella and organic Banana crêpe served with homemade whipped cream  8.50
Organic apple pie crêpe with apples, cinnamon, caramel & vanilla bean ice cream  8.50
Chocolate Lava Cake

Italian Tiramisu               6.50
Creme Brulee & stawberries             Dark Chocolate Cake       6.50
Creme Brulee & fresh strawberries 6.50  

                                         Espresso Drinks

Latte or Cappuccino       4.50
(Vanilla, Caramel or Hazelnut)
Caramel Macchiato         4.75
Mocha                              4.75
Hot Cocoa                        2.50
Americano                        2.50
Chai Tea Latte                  4.75
Espresso Shots                  2.50

San Pellegrino  (Lemon)           2.99
San Pellegrino  (Orange)          2.99
Perrier                                        2.99
Iced Tea (black unsweetened,or green sweetened)             2.50
Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Lemonade and Root Beer  2.50

 Wine bar and Imported Beer Available in House